The DUKE OF PORTLAND writes: "I am much obliged for the Carbolic Smoke Ball which you have sent me, and which I find most efficacious."

SIR FREDERICK MILNER, Bart., M.P., write from Nice, March 7, 1890: "Lady Milner and my children have derived much benefit from the Carbolic Smoke Ball."

LADY MOSTYN writes from Carshalton, Cary Crescent, Torquay, Jan. 10, 1890: "Lady Mostyn believes the Carbolic Smoke Ball to be a certain check and cure for a cold, and will have great pleasure in recommending it to her friends. Lady Mostyn hopes the Carbolic Smoke Ball will have all the success its merits deserve."

MRS GLADSTONE writes: "She finds the Carbolic Smoke Ball has done her a great deal of good."

Madame ADELINA PATTI writes: "Madame Patti has found the Carbolic Smoke Ball very beneficial, and the only thing that would enable her to rest well at night when having a severe cold."


HRH. The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G.
HRH. The Duke of Connaught, K.G.
The Duke of Fife, K.T.
The Marquis of Salisbury, K.G.
The Duke of Argyll, K.T.
The Duke of Westminster, K.G.
The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G.
The Duke of Manchester
The Duke of Newcastle
The Duke of Norfolk
The Duke of Rutland, K.G.
The Duke of Wellington
The Marquis of Ripon, K.G.
The Earl of Derby, K.G.
Earl Spencer, K.G.
The Lord Chancellor
The Lord Chief Justice
Lord Tennyson


The BISHOP OF LONDON writes: "The Carbolic Smoke Ball has benefitted me greatly."

The MARCHIONESS DE SAIX writes from Padworth House,Reading, Jan. 13, 1890: "The Marchioness de Saix has dily used the Smoke Ball since the commencement of the epidemic of Influenza, and has not taken the Influenza, although surrounded by those suffering from it."

Dr J. RUSSELL HARRIS, M.D., writes from 6 Adam Street, Adelphi, Sept. 24, 1891: "Many obstinate cases of post-nasal catarrh, which have resisted other treatment, have yeilded to your Carbolic Smoke Ball."

A. GIBBONS, Esq., Editor of the Lady's Pictorial, writes from 172, Strand, W.C., Feb. 14, 1890: "During a recent sharp attack of the prevailing epidemic I had none of the unpleasant and dangerous catarrh and bronchial symptoms. I attribute this entirely to the use of the Carbolic Smoke Ball."

The Rev. Dr. CHICHESTER, A. W. READE, LL.D., D.C.L., writes from Banstead Downs, Surrey, May 1890: "My duties in a large public institution have brought me daily during the recent epidemic of influenza in close contact with the disease. I have been perfectly free from any symptoms by having the Smoke Ball always handy. It has also wonderfully improved my voice for speaking and singing."

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